History of massage 

Western Massage (article)

Asian Bodywork (article)

History of Healing

A history of woman healers (article)

Categorizing your [Swedish Massage] strokes into Polarity terminology [contacts].

Polarity Therapy (article)

also includes a brief explanation of S/R/T contacts

Doctor stone's explination

Massage Basics

Funny Videos

Gorilla Massage (intake)

Sh*t MTs Say (Sad but true)

Cat Massage (Petrissage)

Head Massage *Awesome!

Instructional Videos

Body Mechanics (video on the basics of)

Basic Draping (short, sweet)

More Draping (she blabs a bit)

Chest and belly massage

Belly Massage (African)

Belly Massage

Blending Oils (for massage)

Clinical Massage & Assessments

Trigger Point Charts

Assessments and Equipment (massage today article)

Massage Strokes and effects:

What is a knot? Handout

Special considerations by population

MT for Special Pops (massage today article)

Breast Massage (A video produced by the bodymachanics institute on "how to preform BM for the self." Great for clients with tenderness and pathologies.)

Pregnancy Belly Massage (about and how to)

Side-lying (first trimester)

Pregnancy Massage (part 1)

Pregnancy Massage (part 2)

Pregnancy Massage (part 3)

Pregnancy Massage (part 5)

Pregnancy Massage (part 6)

Belly Massage (pregnancy)

How to massage your womb!

Belly Massage (Female Reproductive / not for pregnancy)

Belly Massage (Menstrual Cramps)

Pediatric Massage (30 min video on the benefits of)

Geriatric Massage (intro video)

Hydrotherapy Handout (everything you need nothing you don't.)