Seemore's Recommended Reading list:

Massage Therapy

Great all-in-one book on massage.

Best TrP Charts...  and they flip!

By clicking the link, you can find out more, and even buy the book!

Review for NCTMB

Essential Sciences would make an excellent core biology book for a massage & bodywork program. It also makes an excellent review for national cert. especially for those who have been out of school for a bit or have no background in energetic theory. It binds in the reader's mind Eastern and Western thought effortlessly.


Energy Healing 

On Reiki

Here are 3 great books on Reiki. These books are taken from the 3 most influential people in Reiki. The Usui book was partially written by him, him being the legendary Mikao Usui of course, as well as the Hayashi book by him. Mrs. Takata's book was transcribed from her telling the stories.

If you are interested in knowing about Reiki, these three books, together, paint an pretty good picture.




On Reflexology

Here are a couple of exelent books on reflexology. "Total Reflexology" is a very nice holistic view of the practice. It contains wonderful charts, explanation of the theory and technique.

"Foot Reflexology" is a one-of-a-kind gem of a book. The technique is as simple as it comes, same with the explanation of theory... perhaps a bit too simple, but where this book shines is the artistic pictures for "charts."