Developing "Practitioner's Mind"

As bodyworkers, there are certain ways of thinking that Seemore recommends we move into and away from. Bodyworkers need to develop “a practitioner way of thinking.” These are some tools on that subject.

Mindfulness (article)

The development and benifits of, mindfulness.
Non-violent communication (3 hrs with Marshal)

Great course! Not just "communication" but how to understand where people are comming from. Great for working with clients and co-workers!
The Secret to Happiness (Tolle)

Just a wonderful speaker! Insiteful and transformational.
Fierce Grace (Dass)

The Secret (full movie)

What you think about, is what you get! Get it? Now watch the movie :)
The Journey Begins (Hay)

Very similar to "The Secret." It is helpful to hear this concept explained from a different perspective.