When the Body was First Made,
All Its Parts Wanted to be Boss...

THE BRAIN SAID : Since I control everything and do all the work I should be boss.

THE FEET SAID: Since I carry people where they want to go and get them to do what the Brain wants, I should be boss.

THE HANDS SAID: Since I must do all the work and earn all the money to keep all the rest of you going, I should be boss.

THE EYES SAID: Since I must look out for all of you and tell you where danger lurks, I should be boss.

And so it went with the Heart, the Ears, and the Lungs.

Finally the Anus spoke up and demanded that he be boss. All the other parts laughed and laughed at the idea of an anus being boss.

The Anus was so angered that he blocked himself off and refused to function. Soon the Brain was feverish, the Eyes crossed and ached, the Feet were too weak to walk, the Hands hung limply at his side, the Heart and Lungs struggled to keep going.

All pleaded with the Brain to relent and let the Anus be boss, and so it happened. All parts did the work and the Anus just bossed and passed out a lot of crap.

MORAL: You don't have to be a brain to be boss, just an Anus.
Helpful study sites:
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Inner Body (interactive anatomical models for all systems)


This wiki page  is an online run by medical professionals. Check it out!

Endocrine Glands.pdf Endocrine Glands.pdf
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cool heart handout.pdf cool heart handout.pdf
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Muscle Worksheets.pdf Muscle Worksheets.pdf
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Muscle Profile Sheet.pdf Muscle Profile Sheet.pdf
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palpation journal.pdf palpation journal.pdf
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Massage Strokes research helper

MT-Strokes_and_Contacts.pdf MT-Strokes_and_Contacts.pdf
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Strokes_and_Contacts EXAMPLE.pdf Strokes_and_Contacts EXAMPLE.pdf
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The topic of myofascial work is

Basic video on sliding filament theory =>

Skeletal System(02)
Skeletal System(03)
Muscular System(09)
Muscular System(10)
Muscular System(11)

trigger point charts (this site contains images of muscles and their pain patterns).

myofascial meridians (This PDF file is a brief overview with images of the myofascial channels.)

Fascial Tensegrity [Awesome!!!] (Tom Myers)

Fluidity of Fascia (John Barnes)

Light and Consciousness flow through Fascia!!! (John Barnes)

BBC Documentary on Acupuncture [Reminds me a lot of the light and consciousness model of fascia]

Self Unwinding (John Barnes)

Strolling under The Skin (Tensegrity, Fluidity, & Sliding Mechanics - clip)

The microvacuoles

(Tensegrity, Fluidity, & Sliding Mechanics - article)

Research and massage therapy II

(piezoelectric effect in connective tissue)

The Fuzz Speech! (Gil Hedly)
The Fuzz Revisited ( Gil Hedly)

Fascial Basics: foam rolling, and basic explanation of fascia

Arch of the Foot (Leslie Kaminof)

Anatomy of Breathing (PDF) (Leslie Kaminof)

Strokes_and_Contacts EXAMPLE.docx Strokes_and_Contacts EXAMPLE.docx
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Nerve Stuff ::

Muscle Chart =>
Subluxation Chart =>
Peripheral NS =>

Great spinal nerve chart ++ Good =>