Seemore Bones(TM) and are the creation of Stephen C. Alicandro-Mace, LMT.

Stephen is a bodyworker and instructor in the Pioneer Valley, MA. Stephen teaches advanced classes in energetics, bodywork, and anatomy.

Looking for a talented and knowledgeable instructor for your event?

Topics include:

  • Pediatric Bodywork
  • Treating Autism Spectrum Differences (ASD) with Bodywork & Energywork
  • Myofascial Pain Patterns & How to read them
  • Fascia Fascia Fascia
  • Using Herbal Liniments to treat myofascial pain

We have also had a tun of interest in our site from homeschooling! Would you like to have an in person or correspondence course in anatomy & physiology for your home-school group? Contact me! We can design something age appropriate and super duper fun!

Stephen practices bodywork in Greenfield at Blue Dragon Apothecary. House calls are also available.

Stephen can be contacted through telepathy or a quick googling. But if you haven't been practicing your clairvoyance or search engine skills, this email address should do: email

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